Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

Utah Defense Attorney

Have you been Arrested or accused of a criminal charge in Utah?

The process of being handcuffed and taken to the police station, or even just accused of a crime an summoned to criminal court is extremely stressful and intimidating.

It is not something anyone ever expects to happen to them, so it’s unlikely you feel prepared for what is about to happen to you.

That’s why you need an experienced Utah criminal defense attorney at your side during the process. Someone who can be there to explain to you what is happening, and what your options are.

And most importantly, an advocate who can fight for you, and protect you against a system where you, quite honestly, don’t have any other allies.

There are many questions you face, including:

  • What possible penalties and punishment could result if I am found guilty?
  • How will this affect my life, my job, my drivers license?
  • Can this case be won? If the case can’t be dismissed, can it be won at trial?
  • Is there any opportunity to get the charges reduced to a plea deal that I can live with?
We are criminal defense attorneys who work in criminal courts across Utah. We have offices in Salt Lake City, and are available for meetings in other locations. (We can also represent clients in Idaho and Wyoming).
Please contact us today to speak to an attorney about any criminal charge. We can help get this matter resolved, and get your life back on track.